Training “Business model CANVAS” – 14, 15, 16th November 2018 – Veles

Training “Business model CANVAS” – 07, 08, 09th November 2018 – Skopje
November 15, 2018
Training “Business model CANVAS” – 21, 22, 23rd November 2018 – Kumanovo
November 26, 2018

On 14, 15 and 16th October 2018 in Veles was held the training for Business CANVAS Model within the project “Innovation Center: Comparative advantage for greater competitiveness”. The training was opened by the Director of the Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Kumanovo Mr. Dimitar Tashevski, who briefly presented the project and the trainers. After that, the training was conducted by Dr. Samuil Malcheski, professor of mathematics, statistics and applied economics at the Euro-Balkan University, Skopje. Through exercises and debates, with the help of Mrs. Katerina Zlatanova Popova, Dr. Malcheski successfully conveyed the knowledge about the CANVAS business model of the participants in the training. All participants – representatives of small and medium enterprises from Veles, as well as representatives of public institutions took active participation in the training. The participants worked in groups for creating a business plan according to the CANVAS model. The training ended with the presentation and analysis of the created CANVAS models from each of the groups.